Monday, April 4, 2011

New 'Do'

Got a New 'Do'! I have to say, that I sure loved his LONG locks!

But last week, I tried to give him a little trim, and he fought me (a lot!). So it didn't end up so great. This morning, I decided it was time to try something new! And here's the finished product! (and it worked out well to sit the bar stool in front of the computer and let him watch a movie. I only had to hold him down once!)

Pretty handsome, hu? I still miss the old do, but we all need a new do every now and again, right?
p.s. derrick doesn't know yet, and I'm afraid he might just KILL me! Oh well. At least I didn't give him a 'summer on the farm' buzz cut!

Christmas in April

Look who came home from their mission to Christmas Island on Saturday!
It is so awesome to have my parents back! I mean, seriously.
We got to stay at their house with them on Saturday night and enjoy Sunday conference.
Today, they're probably recovering. (we're kind of a wild and crazy bunch when we're all together)
I'm trying to leave them alone and let them catch their breath!
And with all of the excitement, I only took one picture.
Either way...WELCOME HOME MOM & DAD!
Now I just feel sad for the people on Christmas Island who will miss you as much as we did.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Long Winter, No Pictures...

Skyler informed me last night, that he went through an entire basketball season without us taking even ONE picture! I feel terrible!!! He played on the Freshman team for a whole season, and I didn't even bother to take one picture. I asked him if he at least got team pictures, and he told me that since we never order them, he didn't even bother telling me about it. But I never order them because I always take so many of my own! Honestly, though, I haven't taken any pictures of anything for quite some time now. Ya, I pull out the camera and snap some cute ones of Des every now and again, but that's about it. We haven't even been skiing this year, and that's usually a great time to take pics. We haven't been sledding either. Goodness. I must do better!

Since the end of basketball, we've felt really strongly that we MUST spend more time together as a family. One time this winter, on a Thursday night, Skyler informed Derrick that he hadn't even SEEN me since Sunday. It was true! And it made me sad. I go to work on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, before he even gets home from school. (which, I also somewhat quit my job last week, and went to an 'as needed' basis. So hopefully I'll be around a little more now too) So we have really been working on it. We spend most of our time just staying at home, watching movies, watching ballgames on tv, eating popcorn, eating Zac's homemade cookies, playing board games (trying to do more of that), and keeping our kids at home. I think it's been a huge blessing for our family. Attitudes have changed (in a good way), brothers who were enemies are actually showing strong signs of friendship with each other, and everyone seems to be a little more relaxed. I think Skyler has even decided that staying home with the family on a Friday night, isn't the WORST thing in the world. I think I like it. Not to mention, it's been great for our checkbook!

Today I start official training for the Ogden half. I woke up in the night with some nasty back and neck issues, and the wind is blowing like crazy.....but I WILL brave the cold and go running today. It's just not optional.

Also, I have a new little niece! I haven't actually seen her yet, but the pictures I have seen are absolutely sweet! Dave and Gabe had a new little baby girl last week. Her name is Juliet Gabrielle. Pretty name, hu? I can't wait to hold her! We have 2 more little new ones on the way, on the Moser side of the family. This could be fun!!!

Des is growing up way too fast. But here's another big news moment.....He actually went to nursery yesterday! And he liked it! He didn't even want to leave when I came to get him. This is HUGE! It's been a year now since he was supposed to be in nursery, and this is the first time EVER that he's actually gone, stayed, smiled, and made it the whole 2 hours!

Last, I can hardly wait! In just 33 days, my parents are coming home! I get butterflies when I think about it!!! Only it kind of worries me because we have received SO MANY blessings while they have been gone. The kind of blessings you just can't deny or question. And will those come to a screeching halt when they get home? Of course, having my parents here, close to us, is a huge blessing in itself. So we'll take it!!! Yay for 33 days!!!

That's it! The end of my ramblings, for now. Have a super week!!! I think I'll pull out my camera right now......